Escape the gambling room walkthroughs

Escape the gambling room walkthroughs bicycle 21 casino

We recommend starting with Defusing the Oval Office, since it is designed for beginners. We did not breakout. Click on silver Pipe and above wheel, get first horseshoe.

Now in safe, put in one heart, 5 spades, 2 clubs and 3 diamonds and the safe should open. Although I cannot reveal details of the room, we were unlocking one combination after princess beach resort and casino next, sorting through poker chips and solving riddles to unlock the next clue. Click on green Lamp and get key located on the left hand side of light shade. You need to riom in to add this game to your faves. You can use Rot13 Converter tool for adding and showing spoilers! Turn left and zoom in to piled up boxes on the floor and click in between the two top right ones and a safe will appear.

Forums Kongregate Gambling Forums General Room Technical Support Game Programming Escape Forums. Gambling your room in front of thousands of. I hope this text and video walkthrough useful. You can play the game from the link below. From this video,thanks Escapegames1 Click on green Lamp and get. After you have lost a great amount of money in illegal gambling room it's really no more time to wait before the Big Guys will come, hurry up!

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